Youth Surf Lessons

Youth Surf Lessons By Florida’s Best Surf School and Surf Camp

 youth-surfingYouth surf lessons by SurfguysYouth surf lessons by Surfguys
youth surf lessons by SurfguysYouth Surf LessonsYouth surf lessons by Surfguys
Youth Surf Lessons has been a part of our Surf Camps of 24 years of business have been working with youth from 5 and up, even though we prefer to start kids at the age of 6 yrs or older.

Most youth younger than 6 yrs do not like the waves hitting them until they are a little older and more familiar with this action from the ocean. They also become more comfortable in the ocean which leads to more fun.

We know the right way to help the first timer, to the not so, first
timer with proper youth surf lessons and surfing styles and coordination.

The proper sized youth surf lessons surfboards and small surf are important in the teaching of younger students in the Cocoa Beach and Melbourne Beach areas.

The majority of good teachable conditions are in the mid spring, summer, and early fall. Some times we do get small windows of opportunity during the latter fall and winter months for this. Smaller, warmer conditions do help a great deal with their comfort.

We have more years of teaching younger than 8 years old than all other  programs combined.

Give us a call 321-956-3268 or e-mail, and let us make a real positive difference.

We are committed to going beyond your expectations, while having great fun too..

All equipment is supplied, free of charge for all lessons and camps.

For prices go to our surf lesson rates page for youth surf lessons rates.