Customer Reviews

Here’s what people are saying about our highly successful surfing lessons programs!

George, thank you for the great two lessons for our kids. Your pick of location and the perfect sized surf was excellent. They had a blast and they have been talking about this ever since. Best to your operation, and congrats on 23 years of quality service.
Lars from Maine
Thank you for the great lesson. I’ve taking lessons at 6 other locations around the world and you are the very best. I learned more than at all other locations combined. Surf and the weather was just perfect.
Jill from Canada.
My husband truly enjoyed the surfing lesson he had with you. It made his bucket list and year. Glad the weather and surf was in our favor for this. Great success was because of your teaching. Thank you.
Jodi from NY.
Thank you Surfguy for the awesome lesson for our group. The girls had a wonderful time with you and your assistant. To see them riding waves as early as their first was just plain fantastic. I was glad to get the referral and will make our next years plans to visit your program again next year. You are now on events calendar for visits to Florida.
Kathy from Mo.
George, it’s just what a father dreams of;  His sons joining him in the North Shore line up.. with his surfing buddies. No pictures, but my son told us yesterday that your surf camp (Finishing School) was just the right thing for Jackson and Alan.  Paddling out, joining the line up, selecting a good wave — and riding. His buddies were amazed.
Alan from Fla.
George, thank you for the great lesson. It helped with the secondary things I need to know for continued success in my surfing quest. Excellent teaching skills and patience.
Orland from Texas.
George, the lesson for myself and daughter was excellent. The surf and location made this a great event for us while on vacation from the cold north. Great instruction on your behalf. Thank you for all you did.
Gary from Illinois.
Hey George, just wanted to let you know that Breann had the best time of her life, Her words. She said your lessons were the highlight of her vacation in Florida.
Sheryl from Kentucky
Surfing was more fun than playing in the sand with my cousins. It was awesome!
Sophia from Florida
Our family had the greatest time at surf camp this year. My daughter told all her friends, so you’ll be seeing a lot more for a camp next year. Awesome time learning to surf. Keep up the good work, and see you in 2015.
Kim from New York
Your surf camps are fantastic. My kids thoroughly loved it. We’ll be back next year for more fun in the sun. Awesome job by your staff.
Theresa from Florida
George my son and husband had a great time with the surfing lesson on Sunday. Thank you.
Vanessa from Florida
Wanted to thank you again for a great time. Your pop-up training was critical to my success. Your assistant Andrew did a great job training me and coaching me though the points. He was excellent. I endend up riding a lot of waves. I didn’t expect to be riding that many. I really learned a lot, and had a great time doing it. I’ll be back for more lessons.
Dan from Florida
The surf camp for the day was a great time for all of our family. So fun. We will pass your name along to others for this opportunity. We all loved this, especially the kids. Thanks.
Martha from Florida
Thanks to Surfguys, my son had a great time learning the basics of surfing at surf camp. We will be back next year and bring his brother to have good surfing fun. Keep up the great work.
Tracy from Florida
Thanks George and your team for a great Saturday. The lesson was perfect, the kids had a blast.
Kimberly from Florida
George, thank you for our lesson. I haven’t surfed since 1969 and you explanation and style got me right back up and surfing. I didn’t think it would be possible, but you proved me wrong. Great time and my grandkids will be so supprised to see me up on a board once again. Best wishes and continued success. I’ll definately recommend you to all who ask.
Fred from Colorado
Hi George, I just wanted to say Thank You for Alison’s lesson a few weeks ago. She had a great time, and go a lot out of it, and really liked her instructor that you paired her with. Way to go! FYI- I recommended surfguyssurf this week. Thanks.
Kathy from Florida
George and staff, thank you for a wonderful week at surf camp. We had a great time and learned a lot of good stuff.
Tommy and Taylor from Florida
George, thank you and Ben for a fantastic time. Our kids just loved the lesson that you gave. I was amazed at how easy you made it for them. I didn’t even think that they would even stand on the board. It couldn’t have been any better. I will reccommend you to others. Fantastic work. Thank you.
Craig from Florida
George, thank you for a great time in Costa Rica. It was awesome, and very educational. I truely appreciated all your wise instruction out in the water, not to mention the home cooked food. Thank you again for everything.
Dan from Minnesota.
Surfguys, thank you. My daughter had a great time on her first lesson. Your operation is fantastic, and your staff members are very nice and helpful. She looks forward to her next lesson and couldn’t wait to show her friends the pictures. Hope to see you all soon.
Francis from Fla
George, thank you for all your assistance with our lesson. We didn’t even think we would be able to stand up as soon as we did. You and your staff are great and our first experience was fantastic. When we come back to Florida, we will look you up again. Thanks.
Bill from Ohio
We made a change and tried another surf camp in Cocoa Beach last year. The program had to many students per instructor, they were way to few helpers working. We came back this year because you and your staff are very friendly, knowledgable, and the kids learn a great deal during the week. We won’t make that mistake again! Surfguys is the place we found to learn surfing.
Lori from Florida
George, thank you from Iowa. Colby and Mackenzie had a great time and learned a bunch in their 2 hour lesson. You were very informative and your instructor was great! I think you created surfing monsters. I’ll let you know when we come back, since there are no waves in Iowa.
Eric from Iowa
Hi George, just wanted to say thank you very much for making part of Trevor’s summer vacation such fun. I want to thank you and each of your instructors for providing a fun and safe environment to enjoy learning the sport of surfing:-) You guys make Melbourne an even better place to live by providing surf a fun experience for the kids!! Thanks. Trevor had even more fun this year and has even more confidence in his ability. The conditions we so fantastic and everyone had such a great time. We look forward to the next surf camp at Melbourne Beach the week of July 4. Take care till then, and happy surfing!! Sincerely,
Janet from Fla.
Hi George! my daughter was asked what her favorite part of the vacation was (back in March), and she said SURFING!!! Thank you for givng her such an awesome memory!!
Shawna from Minn
 Thank you for a fun filled morning of surfing! You were an awesome instructor!!!
Stacy from Fl
“Many THANKS for the surf lessons for my nephew Wil on Saturday. He had a great time & was SO proud to get up on that board so quickly. You made a 9 yr old Kansas City boy LOVE the ocean & surfing so THANK YOU GEORGE!!”
Gina from Fl
George, thank you for working with my sons. They had a great time, and I was quite surprised at how easily you made things go. They were even catching their own waves during the first lesson. You definately exceeded our expectations.
Gerald from Canada
Great lesson George, I’ll pass on your name and number to friends staying in Davenport now. I’ll give your number and reccommend them to you. I might see you for 2 more next week. Regards.
Andy from England
It was an amazing time. Thanks again for my first surfing lesson. Great instruction and a beautiful day for surfing.
Scott from Maryland
George, thank you for working with us. Your board selection made all the difference. My daughter, I and her best friend had a great time. Now we have the pictures to prove it to our friends that we actually stood up and rode nearly our first wave. We will definately reccommend you to anyone who asks.
Diane from Mass
Thank you for an enjoyable time. You and Devin made it so easy and fun. What a perfect day. My family had a great vacation and you made learning to surf very easy, and I can’t believe we got to stand up on wave #1 and ride, ride, ride. You were very informative and that was the key. Best wishes and keep up the great work.
The Halstroms from Sweden
Thanks George and Charlie. Surfing is so much fun, I can’t believe that I didn’t try it when I lived in California. We’ll be back soon for more lessons. Got to get my wife and other daughter motivated.
Jesper from Fl
Hey George! Thank you so much for all your help this summer in your camp. I wouldn’t have made it this far with surfing and my high school project with out you and your staff.
Amanda from Fl
George, thank you for a fun, comprehensive surf lesson. Can’t wait to see you next time I’m in Florida.
Michal from Chicago
Thank you Surfguys. Our corporate picnic in Indialantic Fl was a smashing success with the addition of surfing. We had a great time riding the boards, and everyone stood up. You guys are the best! We’ll do this again. Can’t wait.
Kurt from Florida
George you did wonderful with my family when we came for a lesson in Cape Canaveral, especially for my autistic son. I can’t believe that you actually got him and me up on the board and gave us the thrill of a lifetime. I will truely recommend your teaching style to anyone here out west. Thank you very much.
Donnamarie from AZ
Thanks staff my daughter absolutely loved the summer camp in Melbourne Beach. She’s been a little tenative with me, but you guys hit a home run with her. See you next summer for sure.
Bill from Fl
Surfguys, thank you for working with my 2 teenage daughters in Melbourne Beach. They had a great time and learned a lot of useful tips to continue surfing back home. Cheers
Carol from the UK
It was great fun. Thanks for the memories.
Mike from NY
A very professional operation. The owner is very passionate about surfing, and works well with his customers. Very prompt on returning calls, and made all necessary arrangements for our success. I made the right call for our family. Thanks
Mary from Minn
George thank you for your time and your patience with my lesson in Cocoa Beach. For an older guy with no sports background, you explained it to even where I could understand what was needed. See you soon for another lesson. I’ll keep training to be ready.
Tom from Fl
George, the SUP lesson really helped me make a decision on what board to get. Seeing the marine life was awesome, and it was so relaxing even we paddled 3.5 miles. I’ll highly recommend you to my friends and family when they come to town.
Lindee from Fl
George, thank you for your SUP instruction during your surf camp in Cocoa Beach. Haven’t surfed in some years since the 60’s, but this style of surfing was great. Thanks for all your expertise on how to use the paddle not only to catch the wave but motivate the board while surfing on it. Best week of surfing in a while. Have a great time doing what you do real well.
Dennis from Colorado
This made my Florida vacation. To be in my early 40’s and ride a surfboard. How would have thought. Thanks
Tammy from Ohio
Thank you Surfguys. My grandchildren had a great time last year and this year at surf camp. They couldn’t stop talking about it. I’ll be signing them up next year. Have a great year till next summer.
Nancy from Fl
George I can’t believe that I was able to do as much in our first lesson. I’m excited about learning more and can’t wait to tell all my friends at my high school reunion. The gift certificate was the best thing my wife has gotten me in a while. Let’s do this again.
Joe from Fl
This couldn’t have been more fun. I rode the surfboard on my first wave. You guys rock!!
Cindy from Michigan
Thanks gang. My daughter and her cousin came out and were a little tentative, but you made them feel comfortable and made learning easy. Your calm approach won them over and built their confidence. See you next summer.
Mary from Fl 
George thank you for teaching my son. He had a wonderful time in Cocoa Beach. Even though we had a language barrier and I need to translate. He hasn’t stopped talking about his new life experience. If we get back to Florida, we’ll look you up. Thank you.
Janice from France
George since my son had a bad time in the water 4 years ago, he has not shown an interest in surfing and it’s driving his father crazy. You made a change in his life and now he’s very interested in surfing. He is now not as afraid as he was. Thanks for all your patience and guidance.
Sheri from Fl 
Frankie is a great instructor and a great addition to your programs this summer. Hope she’s there next year.
Bev from Fl 
My son really enjoyed his time at both camps he attended this year. I can’t believe that he stood up on his first wave. Awesome!! We’ll be signed up for next summer. Thanks for all your teaching skills and patience.
Chris from Fl
Charlie and Angela are great instructors and we hope they will be there next year. My kids had a great time in your program. My son has really enjoyed the past few years in your program, and how my daughter got started the correct way. Thanks.
Jack from Fl 
George thank your for working with my son who has never participated in any sports for his 11yrs. He had a wonderful time in surf camp and would like to do it next year. He’s excited about surfing, and we feel greatful that he doesn’t want to spend as much time on the computer as he did before.  See you and your staff next summer.
Jabeen from Fl
Thank you Surfguys. We had a great time learning to surf while visiting Florida. We learned proper style when it comes to surfing. If we can return to Florida, we will look you up for more surfing instruction. You made so much fun, but my arms got real tired. Thanks again.
Joroen from Amerstdam
I can’t believe I stood up on my first wave. You guys are AWESOME!. My arms were a little sore from paddling and jumping up, but it was work it. Best thing I’ve ever done. I call you when I come back to Florida. Also your hot sauce is very addicting. Great product. I use it on everything.
Suzi from NJ
George thank you for all your knowledge and passion for this sport. My wife and I had a wonderful time. I didn’t think that she would be able to get up as quickly as she did. Your calm demeanor made her feel less nervous. Your explanation for popping up made the difference. Now I can say I’m a surfer, well sort of. Thanks again. Hope we can find time to do this again.
Tom from IL
George I don’t know how you do it, but my kids never wanted to go to any summer camps, but they were at the door barking “we’ve got to go to surf camp”. They are hooked and I could not be anymore pleased with how eager they are to do something for summer. Keep it up.
Krystal from Fl
George my son and I had a great time with you and your staff during summer surf camp. I learned a great deal as my son. Charlie did a great job with my son, and your style of teaching had me not only catching the wave, but turning and trimming down the line. You’ll see us both next summer. Thanks for all your knowledge and teaching style. It works.
Mike from Fl
Chris is a great instructor and a great teacher. Good stuff. Thanks
Cindy from St. Louis
George my son had a great time learning to surf with your program. The surf was fun, and you explained what he needed to do very well. You made it easy for him to understand, and I was amazed how fast he got up. I didn’t even know if he would stand on the board, and he was up on his first wave. Kudos for your expert work. He’s showing the pictures to all his friends at home. Keep up the great work.
Bill from Cali
Thank you George for coming out and teaching my 4 year old son and his friends at his birthday party in Cape Canaveral. You were a hit! They all loved it, and I was surprised how well you worked with them. You have great patience, and a natural ability to teach. Thanks for your service. I’ll highly recommend you to my friends.
Cochee from Fl
Surfguys is the right place, and I’m glad that they called back promptly and professionaly. My lesson was great, and all questions that I could ask were answered. My instructor was very easy to work with and made me feel right at home. Best lesson. I highly recommend calling them. I expectations were gone well far beyond. Very expert and professional.
Nick from Penn