Surfboard Repair

Surfguys surfboard repair for all makes and models, most are finished in 24 hrs. Minor dings or cracks, delams, fin boxes, and broken in half on all Polyester or Epoxy boards.
Boards built locally or from all other locations on the planet. Expert, quality repairs for whatever you have, better and faster than all others. Call 321-956-3268 or email:
Surfboard repairs for all boards for the beginner to the expert surfer with over 38+ years of service to the surfing community, and became the first authorized repair facility for Firewire in Fla in 2006, and Aviso said I was the only one on the east coast to repair one of their boards without any direct help from them.
Buckled Firewiresurfboard repair
surfboard repair

Surfboard repair on a nose cracked by ramming it into the sand. Before picture to the left and the after pic is below. Had to glue board back and paint it to restore original appearance. Painted and epoxy surfboards do take longer to repair correctly.


I also modify SUP race boards in conjunction with Pro Box fin systems, and have repair boards for Catalyst, Longboard House, The Goods, and Spectrum surf shops.
They make it, you break it, and I fix it real good in record time because you want your board.
I’m also a Firewire Authorized Repair Facility, and Aviso Repair Tech, and have repaired Surftech’s since they were sold in our area back in 1999.
surfboard repair
vintage surfboard repair Vintage restorations are also available. On this 1962 Scott Dillon from Australia, it was brought in for a restore on the left, check the lower pic for the finish.
On this surfboard repair the fin was added and the board was glossed and polished to near perfection for the customer. Another happy client from Surfguys 24 hour expert surfboard repair services. vintage surfboard repair
 flexlite surfboard repairs This surfboard repair is a Flexlite model longboard that was buckled during a large swell locally and brought to me to fix. This board was built overseas, but was easily repaired to a relatively unnoticeable appearance.
In this picture it shows where I painted it with the original colors in auto paint to finish this one. They do not always come out this clean, because colors are not the same from China to the U.S. surfboard repair
BB-Tour-Pict1_resized-5-24-2012-15-40-16-968 Also did boards that went on tour with the Beach Boys on their last concert tour. Pics are in the “Balsa Bill’s” book, “Surfboards, Stratocasters, and
Striped Shirts”.
This board came to me with both side fin boxes blown out from a big swell. As you can see the repair was done without altering the original appearance from the factor. I work to ensure that the repairs are as unnoticeable as possible. Get the best service and fastest turnaround possible. surfboard repair