How to paddle your board into the lineup

Here’s how to paddle into the lineup. You now have your first surfboard and you need to get it out into the lineup so you can catch waves and surf. Here’s some valuable information that will help assist you in getting your surfboard into the ocean and through the surf.

First is to make you hand into a paddle shape like the paddle on the canoe. Reach forward towards the nose and push your hand down in the water and pull back along the rail. Midway the pulling motion will become a pushing motion to complete one paddle cycle. Repeat with the other hand many times to get the board moving. When encountering the whitewater flip your board upside down, (fin, or fins up) with the nose pointed directly into the whitewater (never let your board turn sideways)

After the wave or whitewater has dropped, flip the board over (deck up) and climb back onto the board and start paddling again. Repeat as often as need to get past the whitewater and waves. Never stop in front of the wave because it will clobber you and the board. Paddle as fast as possible to get out quickly also time it in between sets to eliminate being clobbered by the waves, whitewater, and board. If at all possible walk out to eliminate the long paddle out. Know the beach where you plan to surf and if ever in doubt, DON’T PADDLE OUT!!!

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