Buying your first surfboard

So it’s time to purchase your first surfboard after taking a lesson or a surf camp. Buying your first surfboard is very important to get the proper size for the first timer. Here are some things that you should know before spending a small fortune to get that new or used surfboard. First is that the sales staff at your local surf shop may make the best call, even though they do not know what you did in the water.

Little new surfers tend to go to their knees before feet. Huh, this poses a problem for proper position on the surfboard, so a slightly longer board than arms length overhead should be used. If you can pop right to your feet you can adjust the length down just a little. For older, new surfers you should purchase a longer board than the shop monkeys suggest. Reason being is that you cannot handle larger waves and shorter boards. Smaller waves and larger boards are the first rule of thumb.

If you are over 35 yrs of age and are in the 200+ lb category, go for something longer than 9’6” at 23.5”. As you get older your reflexes slow, so get something that is real stable and does what you want it to do. If you are lighter than 200 lbs, then you can go shorter and still have a comfortable time in the smaller surf sizes. Used boards are the way to go for the first time purchaser unless money is no object. Look the board over carefully and check to see that it is sound and not ready to fall apart. Yes surfboard can crack open and absorb water which will make the board come unglued. check to see that it does not need immediate repair before leaving the store.

Check the deck to see if the board is solid and not de-laminating with the deck glass coming loose from the foam, Beware of garage sales and pawn shops because these people are not in the surfing business. Consult with someone who has been surfing for years and see what they think. Consult your surf instructor for good information. One this is that remember what it was that you rode while getting a lesson and stick with that size for a little while until you become more comfortable, and then you can trade in your board towards a smaller one as you become more proficient in surfing. If you don’t want to trade it, keep it for smaller days. Learning surfing does take a lot of time and practice, so make good decisions and your surf learning cure will drop. Make the wrong purchase and your learning will take a lot longer. Good luck. If you need more professional instruction give us a call and you will not be disappointing.

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