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Melbourne Beach Florida.,

Our All Natural Hot Sauces are made of only fresh peppers and other high quality ingredients.
All hot sauce products pass rigorous tests for freshness, flavor, and heat. We want you to experience excellence in a bottle, where heat and flavor come together in the same bottle.

Surfguys hot sauces are great to cook by adding flavor and heat to whatever you cook. You can add as much heat, or as little to spice up all your favorite foods. Don’t forget that you can add heat to your beverages also.

The combination of heat and flavor is what keeps our customers coming back for more.
High quality is our #1 priority with all things Surfguys Hot Sauces.

Our Surfguys hot sauces go from MILD to WILD!!
All Natural, No Preservatives!!

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Surfguys Hot Sauces

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ghost pepper hot sauce The hottest hot sauce formula we have.
Made from fresh red habanero, ghost pepper, vinegar, salt, garlic, spices, and xanthan gum.“All Natural, No Preservatives”.
This one will liven up your taste buds with an explosive heat and flavor. There is also a hint of smokiness in each bottle. It goes well on all types of foods, chicken wings, fish tacos, burritos,  etc…”Surfguys Warning” this is Real Hot and Real Good!!
This is becoming a real big hit with chiliheads that try it.
 red habanero hot sauce
The 2nd hottest hot sauce  formula.
Made from fresh red habaneros, vinegar, salt, garlic, spices, and xanthan gum.
All Natural” No Preservatives.
It’s got great flavor and heat for whatever you eat or drink. A simple formula that gives you that slap in the tongue with good heat, and it will get your attention with excellent flavor to boot.

Mango habanero hot sauce

Surfguys oldest hot sauce formula. An award winning sauce.

This is the formula that launched Surfguys Hot Sauce when it was incepted back in my kitchen in 2004, and then released in 2006 to the general public.

Made from fresh orange habanero, mango, salt, vinegar, garlic, and spices.
All Natural, No Preservatives”
Enjoy this on everything you eat. It’s got the sweet, and the heat.
It took 3rd place in the Fiery Foods Challange for 2010 in Ft. Worth TX. (fruit category)
This is an instant hit with chiliheads around Florida locally and U.S. markets with hot sauce consumers.


jalapeno hot sauce

Surfguys mildest hot sauce flavor.
Made from fresh jalapeno pepper, salt, vinegar, garlic, spices, and xanthan gum.
For the entry level hot sauce enthusiast that wants great flavor and not to much heat on their foods.It’s got good flavor and reduced heat for people who want to add something not to aggressive to their fish tacos, and other foods.
“All Natural, No preservatives”.

caribbean hot sauce

Our newest formula now released.

This product was created in 2014 as a  replacement for the medium Mango/Habanero and it catching on with people’s taste buds.

Made from fresh orange habanero peppers, papaya, pineapple, mandarin orange, salt, garlic, vinegar, and spices in a medium heat level.

Fruit and heat meet again in this bottle.

Excellence in a bottle. This hot sauce is a medium hot heat level.
Less heat than the Mango/habanero, but all the fruit flavors of the Caribbean Hot Sauce which compliment all types of foods and beverages.
“All  Natural, No Preservatives”.

Surfguys Hot Sauces are available in these local fine stores and restaurants.

M. B. Market on Ocean Ave, Melbourne Beach
Petty’s Meat Market South, S. Babcock St, Melbourne Fl.
Wassi’s Meat Market, Wickham Rd, just south of Sarno Rd Melbourne Fl.
Petty’s Meat Market North, North Wickham Rd, Suntree FL
Nature’s Market, S. Apollo Blvd, Melbourne Fl
Another Ride Surf Shop, Tomahawk Dr Indian Harbor Beach Fl.
Clayton’s Crab Company, US1, Rockledge Fl
Son on the Beach Restaurant A1A, Satellite Beach Fl.
Lilly’s Restaurant A1A, in South Patrick Shores Fl.
Paradise Produce N. South Patrick Dr, Satellite Beach Fl
Coastal Produce, N Brevard Ave, Cocoa Beach Fl
Hayes Gourmet on Fortenberry Rd, Merritt Island FL
Cavallari Gourmet, W SR 428, Oviedo Fl and International Pkwy in Heathrow Fl
East Colonial Farmer’s Market, Bithlo FL
Artichoke Red, Orange Ave, Orlando FL
Deland Natural Foods, Woodland Blvd, Deland FL
Red Hot Tiki Spicy Gourmet, Gulfport Fl

We are looking for retail locations around the Florida and the US to carry our excellent product for their customers. If you have any locations that we can help get this product closer to you, let us know by email or phone (321-956-3268).

If you are a restaurant, and or business that would like to  have private label with your own name on our artisan crafted hot sauce formulas. We will save on the producers minimums and be able to get you less products and save you $$$, so  let us know. We do have program for you.

All of our hot sauces are proudly made in the USA and Florida